Taxes on Producers- Microeconomics 2.11 ACDC Econ

I clarify excise taxes any clearly show what transpires to client surplus, producer surplus, and deadweight reduction as a consequence of a tax. Make confident to look at the section about tax incidence and who pays the greater part of a tax.


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  1. This is the first time I ever comment on something after probably about 5 years. I have to thank you for your videos man. I got my final tomorrow and this finally makes sense to me. Thank you!

  2. I really thankful for this video , because right now I'm in Taiwan and it is hard for me to listen chinese language.
    thank you Professor It is really helpful

  3. Things that I never learned in lectures and self-study, now I've become master by merely watching them on this channel and more importantly in just a few minutes. Tons of thanks for this extraordinary channel which made things quite understandable for all its followers.

  4. Hi Jacob, I've been doing Economics this study period and watching your videos which have been a great help. Keep it up, you've got an excellent way of simplifying economic theories that makes it easier to understand

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