Getting time to make a price range can support you make smart monetary conclusions nowadays and attain your objectives in the long run. Location up your price range is uncomplicated. You just want to just take the time to get begun. To study additional about personal budgeting, take a look at http://StudentAid.gov/Spending budget.


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  1. need 19,000 for first year college after all grants and federal loans. the fuck do i do. Do i go with private loans? what other option do i have? this video was useless ass shit.

  2. Im borrowing $14,838 in loans and around $6,815 in grant money thats equal to $21,653 can someone tell me why is it that even though my schools expenses is $20,096 how do i not have enough to pay it off and this is just for one year.

  3. Yeah, this is great in theory. When there is one income for a family of five, it is impossible to have more money coming in than going out.

  4. This is great.  I work in student affairs at a 4year public institution, and I'm excited to share this with our incoming students.  Thanks!

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