Budgeting With Mimi:101 and Budget Set Up for 2018

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Budgeting 101:https://youtu.be/9yDUMoNRgns

How I franken prepared my spending budget reserve with Trendsetter
aspect one: https://youtu.be/9tHrwfhPVEc
aspect two: https://youtu.be/MTH79TvUk1k


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  1. This was my first time viewing a video from you but you had me at YNAB! I am a subscriber to the podcast and wanted more info on utilizing them. I currently use EveryDollar when I track our spending so again, thank you.

  2. Great ideas, color coordination is always helpful as a legend for your personalized household planning. Young lady I have to say that you and your family will do well seeing as you stay on top of saving your money. I have a budgeting system of my own. Enjoyed your video and keep on crushing your debt!

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